Debt Counselling Explained

A Debt Review application can be confusing to consumers at times as there is a lot of administration and specific time lines. Our expert accredited Debt Counsellors take the worry and frustration out of the process providing peace of mind to the consumer.


Step 1

Contact us to enquire and complete the application form we will send you via e-mail, post or fax. This is a Form 16.

Step 2

We advise your creditors and the Credit Bureaus of your application for debt review. This is a Form 17.1

Step 3

Your Credit Providers will also be requested to provide us with a Certificate of Balance (COB) in respect of your accounts.

Step 4

After receiving all the Certificate of Balances we now calculate whether you are over-indebted, in other words, do your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income? (You have to be over-indebted to qualify for Debt Review.)

Step 5

Now the Affordability Calculation is done. This will provisionally determine the amount which will be available to creditors.

Step 6

Provisional Proposal. We will structure your payment plan and start negotiating with your Credit Providers. This is called a Form 17.2
(You will immediately start to pay a single provisional reduced monthly installment in respect of all your Credit Providers which will be affordable to you. During the first 60 working days, legal action may not be taken against you in respect of the debts that are under review.)

Step 7

The Credit Providers now have the chance to evaluate the Provisional Proposal.

Step 8

A Final Proposal is sent to the Credit Provider.

Step 9

Final Proposal is accepted or rejected by the Credit Providers.

Step 10

We formalize your debt restructuring proposal in the form of a Court Order done by our attorneys. You will not have to appear in court yourself, as your Debt Counsellor will be the applicant in the matter, unless the particular magistrate requires your presence.

Step 11

After Care – We ensure your creditors stay happy and you are on your way to being totally debt free. Once you are free from debt, we issue a Clearance Certificate and you will have No credit record at ANY bureau!!!